winter days...

This morning I woke up and everything outside was...white!
I looove winter, snow and everything between.
The pictures taken at our garden.
In some of them my face looks a bit weird but i just LOVE 'em all.

What I'm wearing: S'NOB high waisted skirt, random black tee, Sisley knit wrap, H&M socks and butterfly ring, vintage glass ring, Accessorize bird cage necklace, snow boots from Canada.

I have to go now to do some home work =/. History...ugh!
Have a nice afternoon!


let me introduce you..."The Kouklitas"

Some may find them scary, others fashionable and others lovely.
Creepy or sweet, The Kouklitas are hereee!
Creepy and fashionable handmade dolls which have their own stories.
Learn more here
Τheir name comes from the word koukla (κούκλα) which means "doll" in Greek, actually kouklita (not useful term in Greek) could 've been a diminutive, meaning "little doll" - the right word in Greek is "kouklitsa" (κουκλίτσα). Ok,ok...no more linguistic analysis..

Enjoy the photos!


[Marc Jacobs<3]

[Proenza Schouler]

[Comme des Garcons]

[Ann Demeulemeester | Givenchy]

[Katie Eary | Gareth Pugh | Rick Owens]


current wishlist.1

So..the sales are here ten days now, and I decided to make my wishlist.
The things I'd like to buy :) [and some things that i wish i could (A)]

-Memento Mori Earrings or something equally creepy
(click to see the item,it's not always the exact item but something like that)

What about you? Have you made your wishlists?
I wish I will find the time to go shopping soon!



Jane Aldrige by WellDressedDrawings

Louis Vuitton Bunnies by DerekCardigan

Wandering around in the web i found two blogs that i officially adore now!
They combine art and fashion, the things that i'm in love with!
The first one, named Well Dressed Drawings is two students' blog. Rachel and Kristen do amazing job. Their drawings are awesome.
Recently they made illustrations of Jane and Judy Aldrige and Queen Michelle.
Check their work HERE
The other is Derek Cardigan. Derek is "a spectacled boy who loves to draw cute, charming, beautiful things" .
His fashion inspired illustrations are amazing. Check his work HERE

Hope you 'll love 'em as much as I love 'em!

like the clouds you drift me far away...

Hey yaaaa!
I know I'm really bad cuz I haven't post lately but I was in weird mood and very busy!
Thank you all for the sweet comments in previous posts, especially the last one :)

Last night i decided to hang out with some friends, i don't really like clubs etc. but the place was (unexpectedly) cool! I REALLY laughed watching others dancing and doing funny things.
I'm wearing : vintage bodycon dress with lace details and vintage wool blazer. my new Zara silk blouse. H&M wool tights. Furla clutch. vintage jewelry. Camper oxfords

I have to go now. I must do some homework.
My inspiration is back so stay tuned for new, more frequent posts :)



[starting from the end] prefall2010/part1

Fashion runs fast...
So...I decided to start with a review of my favourite pre-Fall 2010 collections.

(click on the pictures for better quality)

Naeem Khan: I discovered him about an hour ago. I adored the desings, the all-black collection, the combination of gothic-30's and preppy in one collection. I'd describe it as 'dark luxury'. I'm waiting for 'next big things'...
Oscar de la Renta: Beautiful bright colors and great designs. 'Happy classic'. "You definitely make me to fall in love with your clothes Mr. de la Renta!"


The photos (except the personal ones) do not belong to me and they used only for commenting reasons. If you own rights to any of them, contact me and they will be removed.
Also don't use the photos I take without permission. If you do it, please link to my blog. Thank you.


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