....you miss life

-miss things . trying NOT to eat . have tones of homework to do . feelin' lonely . confused . nervous . noone understands me . trying to focus on school . bodyache . heavy head-
new hair. barely hate 'em...but WTF

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life - Leo Buscaglia

take care, Evita.



maybe my worst birthday .
it doesn't matter...things can always be better if you know the way.
-I don't know it yet-
sorry,my sweet mpom*
miss you(L)

why do people change?
why they become that mean?
have you ever thought about yourselves they way you think about a person who has really bad behavior? someone that you don't like?

[Dree for i-D]

my sweet prince - placebo
(it would be painful for me listening to this song now but it's so well-matched to this situation...)



Daul Kim

She was found dead in Paris on Nov.19 in an apparent suicide. Her agents have confirmed her death but thus far no official cause of death has been disclosed. However, a source tells New York Magazine that they believe that Daul Kim committed suicide. Daul Kim's death comes at a time when it appeared that the 20-year-old model's career was going better than ever. The Korean model made her runway debut back in fall 2007. Since then, Daul Kim appeared in several international editions of Vogue and recently appeared in a commercial for Christopher Kane’s Topshop line.Daul Kim also kept a blog entitled I Like To Fork Myself. She wrote her final post on Nov. 18, the day before her death. Her final blog post was titled "Say Hi to Forever".

break free DK...

(source: nowpublic.com)


and so it is, the shorter story... no love, no glory. no hero in her sky

i'm just in love with this painting (La toilette - Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec)
mood: bad, trouble sleeping,too much homework to do, sooo confused
hope you'll be good

the blower's daughter - damien rice


hold on, i'm on my hamburger phone!

i love JUNO. it's one of my favourite movies ever! the plot,some quotes, Juno (character), everything! i saw it last night and it reminded me of some sweet things of my recent past...
i recommend you to see it! it's sweet and funny and romantic and...real! I love Ellen Page as Juno (in love with her outfits! weird but cool. especially the one with jeans and plaid skirt) and they look very cute with Bleeker (Michael Cera). Hope you 'll enjoy it!
I also adore the soundtrack...(L)
live & love

Anyone Else but You-The Moldy Peaches


kind of creepy

[dress-Marella. cuffs Accessorize & vintage. shoes-Doc Martens]

the time I write this lines i feel REALLY tired. so sorry for the delay but I 've been really busy studying. this afternoon my cousin came here and because i had inspiration we decide to do a photoshoot in our dining room. my ispiration came from this dress (mum's) that i always loved but never tried on me. I like it!
I hope you all had a nice weekend! I must go back to my books... i have to study Latin.
take care

P.S: thank you Sophie for the creepy photos!
love ya girl!

prot├Ęge-moi - placebo


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