minutes before the end...

(our Christmas tree)

so...last post for 2009
i hope you 'll have a great start to 2010!
take care and have fun! Evita.



a christmas carol under the sun

[coat-Marella/ripped skinnies-Lee/loose top-Zara/oxford ankle boots-Camper/vintage bag, scarf and ring/butterfly ring-H&M/Ray Ban Wayfarers]
(click on the second photo to see my crazy grass green manicure. i love it!)

so britishh...

don't they look creepy? they could have been Molko's daughters,they have his eyes...
(both pictures are posters for music events)

graffiti made for a film festival there..

Hey all!
Yesterday was a really painful day for me. I mean the pain of my feet after hours of walking across the streets in Thessaloniki with high heels (don't try this at home!).
Apart from this it was really fun and I was feeling very MK in this outfit!
We took breakfast at Starbucks, after were walking and window shopping and enjoying the Christmas mood even if the weather was unexpectedly sunny (not really Chistmas-y)
We ended up at the movies. We watched Disney's "A Christmas Carol". It was funny even if the decision to watch it was difficult for us because we could't feel christmas-y with this big, bright sun above us. But it was really good that when we came out of the cinema the sun has gone and we could finally enjoy all the lights and music and to let the Christmas spirit touch us.
Currenly feeling a mess after 4 hours of private lessons. Probably I 'll get ready to go out for dinner with my family and some friends.
Have fun! Evita.



I 've been such a bad blogger lately, i know.
But i was feeling really weird/had a real LACK of inspiration/have tones of homework to do.
To the point... i'm back and i promise more frequent posts.
Here are some pics from the past few days...

photoshoot at Sophie's house (huh!)
[cut-offs.Lee-top & cardigan.Zara-tights & socks.H&M-vintage cuff-Doc Martens]

my (always stylish) friend Sophie

with my best friend Iro...sur l' ascenseur
Currently enjoying mum's delicious potato soufflé and planning a small trip to Thessaloniki with my cousin tommorow morning.



can you teach me how to smile, please?

[t-shirt-ZARA. ring-vintage]

SMILE (: (instead of me),Evita.

my immortal-evanescence



It's so beautiful that makes you wanna cry...

Aurora Borealis

MOOD: from stupid to happy

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